Our Approach

Based on what it takes to find one new franchisee, finding a further nine looks like somewhat of a challenge.

So what you are looking for are practical solutions to help You as a franchisor achieve Your specific recruitment goals and improve your ROI for each franchisee recruited.

And that is where we start…YOU! All our solutions are designed around you. Understanding your business, your plans for expanding or renewing your network and the timescales for achieving these plans are integral to developing and delivering robust and cost-effective franchisee recruitment strategies.

From this foundation, we will help you review your existing systems and identify ways in which we can tailor these systems to better meet your goals; from a new media plan to an enhanced interview strategy, to full outsourcing of your franchisee recruitment. Maybe you need response handling, lead management and candidate qualification to supplement your existing team in times of absence or for specific lead generation campaigns or Exhibitions. Perhaps you have a backlog of old leads that need revisiting?.

Although our approach is ‘tailored’ for our clients, we have developed a number of ‘ready-to-wear’ products, which can be delivered either as stand alone services, or as part of an overall solution. These include:

  • ‘Outsourced enquiry response handling’ – a flexible service, which is based on agreed service levels (eg initial response time/contact methods/information exchange etc). The beauty of this service is that you can have confidence that all enquiries will be handled in a consistent way, irrespective of the volume received.
  • ‘Outsourced candidate qualification’ – this service goes beyond enquiry handling, and assesses candidates against pre-agreed criterion. Franchisors using the service find their time spent in recruitment is used far more effectively, since they only meet with pre-qualified and pre-briefed candidates.

These services are charged on the basis of time/activity expended, and we would be delighted to provide more details to interested franchisors.

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